Foothill ADU

Residential, ADU, Garage Conversion

GC: Delta Development Construction Inc.
Structural Engineer: HD Structural Co.

La Crescenta, California
Completed 2024
Designed for a homeowner to expand their living space to accommodate three teenage children and frequent visits from out-of-town family members, while being mindful of future rental potential, the Foothill ADU is driven by the pursuit to maximize space and effect on an efficient budget. An existing detached two-car garage was converted into a freestanding unit with an identity that is independent yet harmonious with the existing 1950s era house.

To save cost and avoid unnecessary construction waste, the existing garage’s concrete floor slab was left in-tact and all new utilities were accommodated in a petite addition at the rear of the existing structure. The compact space is relieved by a central vaulted ceiling. At either side of the vault, smaller nooks give the feeling of “rooms” in this studio unit. One of these spaces, the sleeping niche, is further softened by integrated curtains. Both curtains can be drawn to conceal the bed while guests use the living space or the curtains can be partially drawn to achieve increased privacy while the bed is in use.

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