Bakery Flagship
Commercial, Tenant Improvement, Pink

GC: Owner-builder
Interior photography: Clare Gatto

Avon, Ohio
4,000 SF
Completed 2021
This flagship location for a beloved Cleveland-area bakery called for a dramatic reimagining of the existing retail space: a 4,000 SF liquor store. The proposed design segmented the existing continuous space into a generous front-of-house retail space and a highly functional kitchen/prep area. Special emphasis was placed on the threshold between the two spaces, from both practical and visual perspectives. It was equally important to create an unobstructed, low-risk path for the transport of cakes from back to front as it was to maintain a visual separation between the retail guests and the proprietary kitchen space. The project also included the design and mock-up of a custom cake display pedestal wall.

MR Studio Architecture

is a full service architecture practice 
based in Los Angeles, California